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Tuesday, August 16, 2016

NYB Tea Tree Oil 45% terpenin-4-ol (Australian Melaleuca alternifolia tree)

NYB Tea Tree Oil 45% terpenin-4-ol (Australian Melaleuca alternifolia tree)
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***My Personal Review***

I love tea tree oil. I love all essential oils but Tea Tree seems to have a few really important uses that I really need. Like helping repel head lice ... if you have a child in school who doesn't understand not to get close to others and has caught lice three times in the past year - this is an easy and pleasant way to repel them. Tea Tree oil has a nice woodsy scent and it is a rather heavy scent so whatever you use it for will smell great. You can put this on dryer balls, in shampoo or conditioner, lotions or whatever you need. This is an oil you cannot ingest, it is for topical use only. So far I am pretty happy with New York Biology's product and will definitely check for more of their essential oils. This is 100% pure and natural and it IS from Australia. You get 1 fl oz with the bottle plus a glass dropper. You want to make sure to keep the dropper clean and out of other oils so you don't dilute or taint the tea tree oil. You can also get some small oil mixing bottles and create your own recipes!

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