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Sunday, January 10, 2016

Backseat Car Organizer + Car Visor Organizer

Backseat Car Organizer + Car Visor Organizer

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***My Personal Review***

If you are a mom you know that extra space can always come in handy, and keeping an organized car is almost impossible.  Sippy cups, bottles, toys, binkies, pretty much everything you can imagine is usually all over the place in my car.  My daughter just throws what she wants wherever she wants.  So this organizer has come in very handy for me, because I can keep everything she needs right at her fingertips and she is slowly learning to put the stuff back.  And this is a great way to keep her from losing things in the seats and on the floor.  The visor organizer is awesome, I always keep some of my favorite pictures and some papers on my visor, so this has been great because it holds the pictures, papers and even a few pens and has a pocket for other things too like a small vial of lip gloss or hand lotion.  I really love both items, so check them out on Amazon and see if this is something you might love too!

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