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Monday, September 22, 2014

ChewigemUSA Review

ChewigemUSA Review

Chewigem Website

***My Personal Review***

I came across this company on another bloggers site and thought it would be a great idea for my daughter who has Williams syndrome and a lot of sensory issues including chewing all the time on something.  So I contacted the company and they were generous enough to send me a sample to try with my daughter.  From bangles to necklaces, they have something for every kid to use.  I chose the Purrple Cat necklace which is for mild chewers - one side is smooth and the other side is textured.  The necklace has a hook in the back that would come apart if for some reason it were to get tangled or the child would get hung up on something.  When it arrived I was so super excited to show my daughter, and of course she was like WOW what is that????  I gave it to her and showed her how to use it and she thought it was quite cool :)  These cat necklaces come in 5 different colors - pink (Meowza), purrple, stormy blu, green (purr), yellow (tabby).  These are small, approximately 2 inches from side to side.  I received the product less than 3 days after they said they would send it out, so shipping time is great! 

I haven't let her take it to bed yet but she does wear it around the house and I am considering sending it with her to school so she can have something to chew on.  She loves to chew on rubbery stuff, so this was perfect for her!  But if you are looking for sensory chewelry, I highly suggest you check out their website because they have a lot of different styles and items for mild to severe chewers, soft to hard.  My daughter has really loved the cat necklace - and if you have a boy they have a skull necklace as well :)  Very cool company with some amazing sensory items!  And they have also been wonderful enough to partner with the Williams Syndrome Family of Hope where I am on the Board of Directors and even sent us a few samples to give away!  This has been a great experience and the company is very up front and honest about their products - I told them what my daughter did and they made SURE that I got the right style for her :)  

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