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Thursday, June 4, 2015

Xantrex SkinnyStix Review

Xantrex SkinnyStix Review

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***My Personal Review***

A super easy and healthy way to suppressing your appetite and losing weight.  Xantrex is well-known to be a great dietary supplement but these SkinnyStix are amazing because you can just open a pack and pour into your water and be ready to go anytime, anywhere.  You don't have to carry packages of pills or wait for them to kick in - you add the packets to your water and get that instant boost that will stay with you for hours and not leave you crashing.  These contain a lot of great ingredients that are great for your health and also for weight-loss.  Coffee bean, guarana, cacao, and cranberry are just a few of these ingredients.  Eating a healthy diet and adding Xantrex to it is going to be great for your weigh-loss regime :)

Right now SkinnyStix only come in three flavors - Electric Lime, Tangy Tangerine or Berry Fusion but as they become more popular they will probably be adding more - and I must say these flavors are amazing, the Tangy Tangerine is my favorite!  They are roughly $1.00 per packet as you get 23 packets for around $23.00 on Amazon BUT you also get the shaker bottle with the packets inside so you have your own specific bottle for your SkinnyStix :)  And honestly the 23 packets will last you at least 2-3 weeks because I found I only needed about 1 per day to give me that boost at just the right time.  Then check out their other products and supplement your weight-loss even more.  Good luck!

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