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Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Amber Glass Spray Bottle by Emmi's Essentials Review

Amber Glass Spray Bottle by Emmi's Essentials Review

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***My Personal Review***

Do you use essential oils a lot and want to make your own household cleaners or sprays?  Then this is the perfect bottle for you.  It is made of amber colored glass, it's heavy and because of the glass whatever you use will not leech into the bottle.  So you can change it up every time, try lemon oil or coconut oil or orange blossom to make yourself some awesome fresh scented sprays :)  This bottle comes with 3 re-usable labels and a dropper for your essential oils to make sure you get the proper amount.

Besides being a nice sturdy glass bottle, this will also hold 16 oz of fluid and the sprayer goes all the way to the bottom so you get every last drop!  This also has a really nice grip on the handle so it won't slip out of your hands if it gets wet, and the glass actually has another great job ... the dark color gives your cleaners UV protection so they don't degrade.  I didn't know that happened but if you don't use a lot of your cleaner in a short time then that is a great thing :)  Definitely something you need to check out for your eco-friendly household and you can get a few of them as they are only $13.98 each and they will last a long time unlike plastic containers.

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