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Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Small Glitter Hard Eyeglass Case & Cleaning Cloth Review

Small Glitter Hard Eyeglass Case & Cleaning Cloth Review

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***My Personal Review***

I seriously need ALL 3 colors of these!  I had a hard time choosing between pink and blue but I did choose pink with the purple cloth and I must say this is the most awesome case I have ever had!  I have worn glasses since I was a kid and never had a fancy case like this before :)  And it came at exactly the right time because I am going to be getting contacts and will have sunglasses and my glasses for night time wear so I will be grabbing a blue case for both!

I was surprised when it came in and I opened it - I thought when it said glitter it would be like rough and the glitter would come off all over everything ... but it's not!  It has a coating on it so it is smooth and NO GLITTER comes off :)  The lens cloths are so beautiful it is hard to use them to clean LOL - if you like sparkly things and want a nice hard sturdy case to protect your glasses then you need to pick up one of these!  They would make a great gift for that person who just got glasses and is possibly a little upset about it (like kids getting called 4-eyes) - this will make their day!  Very cute and yet really great protection.  I love these!

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