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Monday, April 20, 2015

Digital Kitchen Scale Review

Digital Kitchen Scale Review

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***My Personal Review***

This is a great kitchen scale for getting the perfect portion every time.  Because it has a nice smooth tempered glass top and it has a circle in the middle showing you exactly where to place your food for the best weight measurement!  The scale itself measures about 9x7" and it only stands an inch high - so this scale will fit ANYWHERE.  You can store it horizontally or vertically on a book stand or with your cookbooks so you always know where it is :)  The sleek black design wipes clean in an instant and you are ready to put it away.

If you look at the screen in the middle picture you will see that what looks like a circle is actually a CLOCK!  That's right - you can hang this up and use it as a kitchen clock instead of storing it :)  And you will receive 2 free e-books "Revitalizing Recipes - Food That Will Charge Up Your energies" and "Weight Loss Kickstart - Simple Steps to Kick Start Your Weight Loss Journey".  It measures 4 different things - milligrams, grams, pounds and ounces so no matter what you are needing this scale will show you.  It has a really nice screen on the front that is large enough to see very easily and only 2 buttons so it really is super easy to use :)  The nice part about this scale too is that you can just sit an empty bowl on top and figure out the zero weight and then add your food to the bowl if it is something liquid.  Don't wait, go grab one of these today!  

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