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Thursday, April 16, 2015

Atrico Rapid-Charging 6-Port Desktop USB Charger Review

Atrico Rapid-Charging 6-Port Desktop USB Charger Review

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***My Personal Review***

If you are anything like me you have about 10 different devices that need a USB port at all times.  I work from home on my computer so having hard drives, chargers, phones and all that jazz every minute of every day.  I had a USB 8 port charger when I got this one, but I wasn't that happy with it - half the time the ports wouldn't work.  Which is bad when you go to grab that to-go charger and expect it to be all charged up and it's not.  The Atrico charger is a much sturdier product and takes up less space because it's a tower instead of a strip.  And for my desk that is a GREAT thing!

I really like the way each port is labeled as well so you can easily see which port is best for which device.  It is smooth, sleek and stylish as well as high quality and sturdy but still lightweight.  So get that extra USB space you need and do it with style :)  If you don't have the ability to charge all your devices at once you need to get one of these for sure!  I love it and I think you will too!  Check it out on Amazon for just $24.95 which is a very comparable price.

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