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Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Pure Resveratrol Extract by Island Vibrance Review

Pure Resveratrol Extract by Island Vibrance Review

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***My Personal Review***

What exactly IS Resveratrol extract?  That is the question I wanted to have answered when I was approved for this promotion.  I needed to know what I would be putting in my body with the capsules.  According to Wikipedia, it is: a type of natural phenol produced naturally by several plants in response to injury or when the plant is under attack by pathogens such as bacteria or fungus.  Supposedly there are studies that are researching the benefits of this on heart disease, cancer, life span and metabolism.  If it works for all of these that is ONE powerful superfood for your body.  Honestly it won't get much better.  People tolerated it well during the trials with little to no side effects which is another plus.  Now consider this ... we also get natural doses of resveratrol in foods like grapes, cocoa, mulberry and peanuts.  Which also means that red wine which is fermented with the skins of grapes also has resveratrol.  And most of these foods are considered to be very good for certain ailments and our overall health.  So that should show us that it does really work, so why not try getting larger doses and see how it goes?  I tried it and I have only been on it about 2 weeks so haven't seen a lot happening yet but I have noticed a bit more energy.  I can't guarantee it's from this product but I didn't have that energy before I took them :)  Give it a whirl, see what happens.  They are veggie capsules and you get a 45 day supply - just check with your doctor and make sure it won't interact with any meds!  One more thing to add - every bottle of this product sold means that Island Vibrance will donate $1 to Feed My Starving Children which means that 4 children in need will receive a meal :)  You can't beat that!!!


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