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Sunday, December 21, 2014

Beautonics Derma Roller Review

Beautonics Derma Roller Review

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***My Personal Review***

What an amazing product this is!  A derma roller is an item that can help fix your skin without expensive surgeries.  It firms and tightens the skin by stimulating collagen and elastin production.  It can help with scars and stretch marks and also stimulate hair growth.  How much money do we hear about people spending each year on cosmetic surgery and laser treatments?  Well all that could be saved with this one item.  And they have a lot of different options on the amount of needles - the product I recieved is made of high grade Titanium needles in a 1.0mm length, and has a 192 needle count.  Which means they won't get rusty and there is no risk of infection.

I have a very bad problem with acne and oily skin on my face - I am only 38 but have a disabled child and it's definitely taken it's toll on me.  I would never go for any treatments because to me that is just a waste of money - your skin is what it is and who needs to worry about looking younger?  Just be who you are - that is my belief.  After using this for a few days I noticed a slight change in my acne level, it had lessened.  I really don't have wrinkles or lines so I decided to try it on some stretch marks from my pregnancy 8 years ago - not a huge change but it's only been a few days so I didn't expect miracles.  But the nice part is that I can use it on any part of my body :)  You also get a money back guarantee with this product, so give it a try!

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