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Monday, December 29, 2014

24 Grazia® Baking Cups Review

24 Grazia® Baking Cups Review

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***My Personal Review***

Totally awesome silicone baking cups!  They work SO much better than the paper cupcake wrappers and they also are much better for the environment because they are reusable.  They hold up great, you don't need the muffin tin, you can just set them on a baking sheet and fill them - and you know how when you bake the muffin tins they get nasty stuff on them that you can't get off?  Well you won't have this problem with these!  They come out of the oven, and you can just turn them over and the cupcake or muffin falls right out and then you can just replace them on the pan and refill them :)  I love using these, and I wasn't a believer in silicone before but I sure am now!  I can't believe how you can use them 10 times and they still look brand new.

These are very sturdy - my daughter who is 8 and has Williams syndrome likes to chew rubbery things due to sensory issues, and she grabbed a couple when I wasn't looking and of course chewed on them.  She didn't leave a mark on them which was amazing!  You get 24 in a pack for just $11.99 and you won't ever have to buy the paper or foil ones again!  No more peeling off the paper wrappers and getting paper in your mouth because you missed a spot.  Save time and money and reuse :)  Plus they don't burn and you get perfect cupcakes or muffins every time!  Pick some up today and try them, you won't go back to the old disposable ones :) 

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