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Thursday, December 18, 2014

Ballroom Dancing Mastery System (7 DVD Set) Review

Ballroom Dancing Mastery System (7 DVD Set) Review

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***My Personal Review***

Absolutely love this set!  Even though I don't have a partner that was okay - this teaches you how to dance even if you don't have someone to dance with you so at least you can learn the moves!  Between Swing, Waltz, Foxtrot and Rumba I didn't know which one to try first!  It was amazing :)  I love to dance but don't want to take classes until I can at least have the basics down so I don't embarrass myself!  The DVDs with this set which are 7 in all really make it look easy, and most of the time you think oh that means it will be hard, but it isn't!  They take the time to really work with you on the steps and putting it all together so that if you want to take a class you could in all honesty start with a more advanced class.  I loved the Swing I think the best though, I have always been a huge fan of swing dancing and this was so much fun :)  There are 2 DVDs for Swing, 2 for Waltz, 2 for Rumba and 1 for Foxtrot.  The Waltz is difficult to learn because it is slower and you have to step just right, but with their amazing guided lessons you will become advanced in no time! has a LOT of different sets you can purchase as well, so make sure you check out all of their products if there are other types of dance you are interested in. 

With this set you always have 2 instructors guiding you through each lesson, showing you the steps and then how to put them together so you are never "alone" - and I can say that I thought it was easier to NOT have a partner when learning the steps because it seems twice as difficult to learn with someone else bumbling along with you.  So I really enjoyed what I have seen of these and can't wait to get to the rest of them :)  Pick up a set for that "So You Think You Can Dance" or "Dancing With The Stars" fan!  They can learn and make the shows that much more intriguing :)

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