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Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Vacuum seal and roll up Space Saver Storage Bags

Vacuum seal and roll up Space Saver Storage Bags

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***My Personal Review***

This set includes 6 total bags including 2 Extra Large, 1 Large, 1 Medium and 2 Small Roll Up Bags which do NOT have the vacuum seal.  The 4 larger bags all have the vacuum seal which makes it very easy to store clothing or other things.  They are really easy to use, you just pack them the best you can as flat and nicely as possible, seal the top and then open up the seal and attach the end of your vacuum hose and suck away!  It will suck all the air out and make the items smaller and flat so that they can either be stored or put in luggage.  This can actually make it so you can get a LOT more into your luggage.  This is a great set and I can't wait to use them when I go to DC next month to help me separate my luggage :)  So check them out on Amazon and see what they have that you can use!

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