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Saturday, January 30, 2016

InstaSkincare Premium Set Tweezers Review

InstaSkincare Premium Set Tweezers Review

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***My Personal Review***

I am always searching for a pair of tweezers.  Of course they are never where you THINK you put them.  And when they aren't in a case they get nasty and rusty and of course lost.  I like this set because it has 2 different styles of tweezers for different uses.  The case is very small, it would literally almost fit into a jeans pocket and it has a red interior and black exterior.  It zips shut and the 2 tweezers are both stainless steel, meaning they will NOT rust or go bad.  They are high quality and the ends are slanted and close so that you can get even the worst or smallest hairs.  They are easy to use and each pair has the logo in gold at the end.  I am very happy with my set and I plan to take them with me when I go on vacation in a few weeks :)  The package itself is so small it is very easy to pack with your essentials.

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