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Monday, January 25, 2016

Ausdom M05 Bluetooth Over-ear Headphones

Ausdom M05 Bluetooth Over-ear Headphones

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***My Personal Review***

I am not one to use bluetooth and haven't ever been, even though my phone is capable of it.  These however made me think twice because I am one of those people who prefer headphones over any kind of earbuds.  If given the choice I will choose headphones over earbuds 100% of the time.  So I thought these would be perfect to try out.  They look just like a regular pair of headphones and work great - the sound that comes through them is clear and I did not have a problem with cutting out or interference. 

The best part I found about these is that they are hands-free headphones, everything you need is right on the ear parts ... volume, on/off, even a jack for a cord.  They are padded on every side including the top band that sits on your head and the part that sits over your ears are both pillow-padded.  I found these to be extremely comfortable and not bulky as it would seem - but that is just me.  The sides are adjustable so this would fit almost anyone except maybe children.  I also love that the ear parts will twist and lay flat.  I highly recommend that anyone who loves bluetooth or even those who have never tried it check these out on Amazon!

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