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Thursday, January 28, 2016

EightyFive Multipurpose Decorative Collapsible Storage

EightyFive Multipurpose Decorative Collapsible Storage

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***My Personal Review***

I like these because I am trying to get my place organized and having stackable storage is a must in a small apartment.  This is a set of 3 stackable collapsible storage bins consisting of a small, medium and large size.  The large is a good size I would say perfect for books or sweaters and pants.  The medium is about half as tall and not quite as spacious as the large but would be good for socks or flat items.

Then the small has a height that is between the large and medium and is perfect for just about anything clothes or other items.  The lids that velcro shut on these bins is great because that is what makes them easy to stack.  The color is orange with blue lids and accents but you can find these in other colors as well.  I definitely recommend them if you are trying to organize your life :)  Great for crafts which is what I am using one of them for!

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