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Saturday, October 17, 2015

LED String Lights (30 Leds, 10 ft) Festival Decor

LED String Lights (30 Leds, 10 ft) Festival Decor

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***My Personal Review***

If you love to decorate using unique items then these are perfect for you - this LED string of lights is only 10 ft long and is perfect for putting in small items like glasses or bottles to decorate with.  They are on a copper wire which means they are durable and they will stay put in whatever position you bend them.  I have a few purple tinted wine glasses that I don't use much so I thought this was perfect for them because of the color.  So I used one string of these lights in each glass and just sit them out - I can turn them off and on anytime because they are not plugged in, they use a watch battery instead.  This is great for decorating any small area and they come in all different colors.  The lights themselves are dew-drop shaped and they are fused to the wire so no chance they will come off easily.  Definitely love these little lights!  These are awesome for little Christmas trees as well - or if you make a small tree for every season you can use these lights in different colors.  They are so small that they will fit in a match box when curled up :)

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