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Saturday, October 3, 2015

EightyFive Decorative Storage Boxes (Blue), 2 pcs

EightyFive Decorative Storage Boxes (Blue), 2 pcs

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***My Personal Review***

I need about 20 more of these to make my apartment look great!  These are the perfect size for storing things or using for whatever you want.  I use one to keep my products that I have not yet reviewed in and the other I have been using to keep my kitchen towels and washcloths in.  You get 2 in a package for just $13.59 which is actually cheaper than you can buy a name brand at the store!  And you can choose from red, green or blue - I received the blue and it's perfect because it matches my decor in both rooms.  These are really sturdy compared to some I have purchased online before, they hold up well and the bottom piece is extremely durable so you can pick them up and move them wherever you need them.  They are great to use side by side in a storage cabinet to keep things organized neatly.  They come packaged flat and you just pop them up and push the bottom into place and you are all set!  Highly recommend these boxes, I am going to get more for sure :)

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