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Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Speed Cube Review

Speed Cube Review

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***My Personal Review***

This is a great little toy for kids of all ages!  My 8 year old loves it, she has Williams syndrome and the colors and movements are great for her dexterity and sensory issues.  The cube comes in a round plastic container that will double as a coin jar and it is nicely wrapped in a velvety drawstring bag.  The colors are bright and they are NOT stickers like the old ones so there is no cheating on this toy.

The edges are cut just so it looks sleek and the pieces move easily without hitching like the old ones did.  I love using it too, neither of us can figure the whole thing out but we have gotten a whole side of one color :)  This would make the perfect stocking stuffer or birthday present for anyone who loves puzzles.  They also have different types and colors available but the regular cube is $23.99 at Amazon.  Pick one up today and relive your childhood :)

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