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Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Masters of Time by Alesha Escobar Blog Tour, Cast List and Giveaway :)

Title: Masters of Time, A Sci-Fi and Fantasy Time Travel Anthology
Authors: Alesha Escobar (Featured author), Samantha Lafantasie, Timothy C. Ward, H.M. Jones, Devorah Fox, and Alice Marks
Publication Date: July 13, 2015
Genre: Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Time Travel

A clone who usurps his own destiny--and with it, the power of Time. A time travel romance that would defy death, and an alluring agent from the future hunting her prey...

Imaginative and heart-pounding stories are woven into the fabric of this time travel short story collection. From adventure to loss, hope and sacrifice, each tale touches upon the precious value given to Time, and what we'd do with it, if we were its masters.

The Masters of Time sci-fi/fantasy time travel anthology is presented to you by USA Today bestselling author Samantha LaFantasie, Alesha Escobar and Devorah Fox, Hugo Award nominee Timothy C. Ward, B.R.A.G Medallion honoree H.M. Jones, and Alice Marks.

Cast the Book!
 Pick five characters from your book and five actors/actresses to play them. 

There are so many great choices, especially since Masters of Time is a collection of several amazing time travel stories. Let's see...

1. Logan 6, is about a genetically enhanced male clone, so I imagine a tall, strapping actor like Henry Cavill playing him.

2. Our lovely Time Agent, January Fogarty, is smart and pretty badass--I'd love to see Emma Watson play her.

3. Andy is just a regular guy who stumbled onto the secret of time travel--and tries to use it to save his girlfriend before it's too late. I'd love to see Andrew Garfield play him.

4. Mike Finch, a handsome brave sailor who just may get a second chance. Bradley Cooper!

5. Ben, a guy so in love that he's willing to fly a plane into a light storm on the theory that it may transport him back in time. Channing Tatum would be great for this!

Author Bio-Alesha Escobar
Alesha Escobar writes fantasy to support her chocolate habit. She enjoys everything from Tolkien and Dante to the Dresden Files and Hellblazer comics.

She resides in California with her partner-in-crime, Luis Escobar, a 20-year art veteran on The Simpsons television show. Alesha is the author of The Gray Tower Trilogy, an action-packed supernatural spy thriller set in an alternate 1940's. The trilogy books have hit the Amazon bestsellers lists for Historical Fantasy and Mashups.

You can find Alesha at her weekly blog, Fantasy, Mashups, & Mayhem, where she discusses fantasy and science fiction TV shows, movies and books, and celebrity gossip.

She's just kidding about the celebrity gossip.

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