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Wednesday, July 8, 2015

BriaUSA Cascade Hangers Set of 10 Light Pink

BriaUSA Cascade Hangers Set of 10 Light Pink

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***My Personal Review***

I am totally in love with these hangers!  I received the pink set of 10 and not only are they longer than my other hangers, but they are FAR more sturdy and much easier on my clothes.  I am a plus-size so my clothes are larger and with other hangers I normally have to pull the front down to keep them on the hanger.  With these I don't have to do that.  Plus the indents are not sharp so they won't rip your delicate fabrics and I love the little hook on the front for a scarf or accessory.  These don't have any sharp edges like the cheap hangers you get in the store so they won't rip your clothes either.  I really like these and a set of 10 is great and you can choose from different colors :)  Pick up a few sets today and they even have them in kids size!

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