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Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Meat Tenderizer - 56-Blade - Sharp Stainless Steel

Meat Tenderizer - 56-Blade - Sharp Stainless Steel

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***My Personal Review***

Gone are the days where you have to beat your steaks and other beef to a pulp making a ton of noise that could wake the dead!  This is an awesome little gadget that is about the size of a scrub brush and you just push down and all the stainless steel blades come down and tenderize your meat without mess or lots of noise.  This is great for elderly people or those who might have issues with handling an old-style tenderizer.  Easy to use and quicker than the older ones :)  56 blades too which means that your meat is getting a lot of tenderizing in a very quick timeframe.  Check it out!

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