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Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Gaming Headsets,Ailihen K6 Gamer Headsets for PC

Gaming Headsets,Ailihen K6 Gamer Headsets for PC

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***My Personal Review***

A great gaming headset for adults, it is large and extremely sturdy.  They are fully extendable and the microphone is perfect for anyone.  It comes with a cord that is over 7 foot long so you can use it anywhere.  The cord is also very sturdy it is probably almost 1/4 inch thick so it's not going to break or wear down easily.  I really love this set, I am going to give it to a young man I know who is a HUGE gamer because I know he will love and get plenty of life out of it.  The cord leads from the headset to a little box where you can adjust volume, turn it on or off and more without ever touching the computer or gaming system.  The headset is orange and black and the earphones are covered with a nice soft pad as is the part that goes over your head.  So you can wear these for hours and never feel uncomfortable.  Highly recommend this headset for the gamer in your life!

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