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Saturday, May 28, 2016

AILIHEN C8 Headphones with Microphone

AILIHEN C8 Headphones with Microphone,%20headphones%20with%20mic,headphones%20with%20microphone,headphone,headsets
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***My Personal Review***

I have trouble keeping earbuds in my ears so headphones is my go-to when I am watching tv.  I work from home and so while I work on my computer I watch movies and tv shows on my laptop to my right.  And of course with my daughter playing in the background on her iPad I usually need headphones so I don't bother her and then of course headphones work great for being able to turn up the sound as much as you want without bothering others.  This pair of headphones is quite different because the ear parts contain more metal than other styles and the headband portion has a quilted pattern on it.  I chose the teal color because I thought they were very stylish and they look great!  They are easily adjustable and the ear part is like a pillow, very soft and will not make your ears sore.  And underneath the top of the headband it is also very soft so you will not have a problem wearing these all day :)  Please check out all of their styles because they have something to fit everyone!  Ohhhh and these are also foldable so they will fold into about half the size and fit easily into a smaller bag.  Very cool!

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