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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Dewi and the Seeds of Doom by Maggie Lyons Book Tour and Personal Review

About the Book

Title: Dewi and the Seeds of Doom  *  Author: Maggie Lyons  *  Year Published: 2012  *  Publisher: MuseItUp Publishing * Pages: 70  *  Recommended Age: 6+
Summary: When Dewi is clobbered by a falling rat, the nosy Welsh dragon snoops his way into a challenging predicament. Helped by a toad with a passion for chemical wart cures, Dewi discovers that a megalomaniac baron is secretly breeding mutant corn at an unfriendly castle. To thwart the genetically modified-corn baron’s sickening plan, he must use moxie and firepower in a series of catastrophe-skirting capers.

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Book Preview

The Buzz

“One of Maggie Lyons’ talents is her ability to infuse humor and a hefty dose of parody into her writing. The book is without visual illustrations (except for a terrific cover) but the story is so well written that children will be beguiled. An excellent, witty, full of fun book for children (ages 6 – 11, and adults with a love for entertainment) to stretch their imaginations and have a terrific time doing so.” ~ 5 Star Review, Grady H., Top 100 Amazon Reviewer
“What a delightful story! What child wouldn’t love this? It’s a story for 6-10 year olds. It’s a great book to read to your children when they’re young or by themselves when they’re older. If your child likes Geronimo Stilton, they’ll fall in love with Dewi the little dragon and his friend Jones the toad. I hope Maggie Lyons will turn this into a series.” ~ 5-Star review from unicorngirl, Amazon US
“Dewi and the Seeds of Doom is well written with characters that will keep the reader laughing, and a plot that flows easily along.” ~ 5-Star review from Wayne S., Goodreads
“Ms. Lyons conjured a great tale that is marvelously creative. My niece now loves this book and is begging for me to buy her a “Dewi the dragon” plush toy. Ms. Lyons, write another Dewi story and start making plush toys too! Most of all, thank you for a wonderful afternoon solving a mystery with my niece.” ~ 5-Star review from T.F. Simmons, Amazon US


***My Personal Review***

Dewi is the cutest little dragon! I remember growing up with Puff the Magic Dragon and this did actually remind me a bit of him because they are both sweet and not scary dragons at all :) Dewi the Dragon is kind of a sleuth/detective and one day when he gets hit with a rat falling from the sky he can't help but get involved in the story. It is most definitely for elementary school kids, the writing is perfect for them and I would definitely recommend this for any child :) It is a short read with only 70 pages on the ebook I received, so you can read it in about one setting but it all depends on your childs attention span. I found it extremely enjoyable and I am 38, but I do love all kinds of books but especially fantasy so it appealed to me on a lot of levels :) The writer did a fabulous job and the cover is SUPER cute with the cartoonish dragon in the midst of a more realistic background. I am looking forward to seeing more stories about Dewi in the future! I can't wait to see what he finds to look into next :)


 About The Author: Maggie Lyons

Maggie Lyons authorMaggie Lyons was born in Wales and very properly brought up in England before gravitating to Virginia’s coast. She zigzagged her way through a motley slew of careers from (unofficial) British spy to academic editor. Writing and editing nonfiction for adults brought plenty of satisfaction but nothing like the magic she discovered writing for kids. Her children’s books Vin and the Dorky Duet (for ages 7 through 12) and Dewi and the Seeds of Doom (for ages 6 through 10) are available on order at most book stores including Amazon.



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