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Wednesday, February 4, 2015

YALMEH Foundation Brush Review

YALMEH Foundation Brush Review

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***My Personal Review***

I don't know much about brushes that you buy separately because normally I buy the cheaper store brands of foundation that come with their own applicators.  But after using this I am hooked on the brush - I think it definitely covers my skin better and it is not as harsh as applicators.  The brush itself is nice and slick and pretty, feels great in my hands.  And the bristles of the brush feel like soft rabbit ears!  I love it, and of course that softness transfers to your face.  The bristles are nice and tight though so it leaves you with the perfect foundation that you are looking for.  I love the gold edging, it really makes this brush look expensive but in reality it is not at just $11.95.  I looked at a few other really good brushes and it is extremely competitive in pricing.  Grab a few today for all your makeup needs :)  Makes great stocking stuffers or little gifts as well!

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