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Saturday, June 7, 2014

The BlogMaster Blueprint: How to Make Serious Money Blogging by Will Paoletto Personal Review!

The BlogMaster Blueprint: How to Make Serious Money Blogging

by Will Paoletto

Do you want to make some serious money blogging? Hi, my name is Will Paoletto, and I recently sold a blog of mine, aptly titled, for $30,000. I took it from averaging $3,000 a month all the way through flipping it to someone else in a little less than two years. I created this book so that you can learn how to build a profitable web blog from the ground up -- all you have to do is follow my blueprint.

Here is exactly what I teach you in my system:

-- How to Select a Topic/Niche

-- How to Set Up the Blog

-- How to Generate Content

-- How to Drive Traffic

-- How to Monetize the Blog

-- How to Flip Your Blog or Take It to the Next Level

Building a profitable blog isn’t rocket science. But if you’re interested in learning a tried-and-true method to actually making legitimately serious amounts of money via blogging, then you’d be hard-pressed to find a more useful, educational and entertaining system than my Blogmaster Blueprint.

Congratulations, friend: You've come to the right place. Welcome to the first day of the rest of your fantastically wealthy life. Welcome to the Blogmaster Blueprint system!


***My Personal Review***

I started blogging about 7 months ago - I started for book reviews and tours because I love to read and thought it was a great starting point.  However lately I have wanted to expand in product reviews and even more to try and make some money and expand my readership.  It has been very fun and I thoroughly enjoy doing it but it would be nice to make money with it :)  Which is why I have been trying to read books on Blogging and how to make it work.  So when I got the chance to review this book I jumped on it!  Although I am new at this and didn't understand a lot of the applications/programs the author mentioned he did an awesome job at explaining them and how they can help a Blogger become successful.  I loved the section on how to set up the blog, which I have heard is a very important aspect of blogging and was very helpful to me.  I will most definitely be following a lot of these ideas and recommending this book to all of my blogging friends!

I hope that by following the clear and concise standards that Will sets out it may help me to get my blog going even if I am not in it to sell and just to have fun!  But if you are interested in flipping blogs then by all means follow this book :)

***I received a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for an open and honest review***


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