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Thursday, February 13, 2014

And the Celebration continues ...

And the Celebration continues ...

Do you LOVE Jane Austen?  Do you LOVE fan fiction/variations of your favorite books?  Well then you have to visit this site!  Just click on the image above to be taken straight to the Austen Variations website!  Then join them on Facebook, follow them on Twitter and more!  Plus giveaways :)

Austen Variations is THE place to be to find awesome stories and variations of your favorite Jane Austen novels :)

The authors on this site have written tons of books among all of them, mysteries, continuations of Jane Austen works, and comedies.

Direct from the website:

So what is Austen Variations? Well, a week ago I could have told you it was going to be all about writing and storytelling with a focus on our works-in-progress, and that we hoped to have the opportunity to connect and interact with readers about elements of our new stories, including plotlines, titles, characters, and writing dilemmas. With our expansion to include The Darcy Brothers and later Persuasion200, we’ve added a lot of authors, and we’re going to need to rethink that mission. We’re discussing what other features should be incorporated here, but we don’t have any answers for you yet. This site is now a work in progress in its own right, but you’ll see excerpts from WIPs, open forums and polls, dialogue between writers and between writers and readers, guest posts from invited readers, bloggers and reviewers, and probably other things we haven’t thought of yet. And let’s not forget Theo Darcy! Our primary focus will be on Austen-related fiction, but our writers will also talk about their writing in other genres.

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