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Tuesday, June 12, 2018

AncordWorks Premium Bluetooth Speaker Review

AncordWorks Premium Bluetooth Speaker Review

This little product is pretty cool!  I was surprised when I started it up, there are a few surprises I was not expecting.  I chose this one because I love the orange edging, I think it's very trendy.  The speaker itself is actually pretty heavy, if you hit yourself with it you will have a mark LOL.  So yeah don't do that :)  The product comes with the speaker, an aux cord, USB cable and a wristband as well as 2 extra replacement black dots.  The little black part on the top peels back and that is where you plug in the 2 cables.  So when I got mine it was charged, not sure how much but it does come with some charge.  I have really never used bluetooth much at all and always had issues with it so I was expecting some - but honestly this was SUPER easy to use.  I held the power button for a few seconds until it turned green, then turned on my device (I used a tablet since I was recording the video review on my phone).  I went to settings, chose bluetooth and as long as the speaker is on it should show up as AW20 in your devices and you click it and it automatically sets it for use.  So then I opened my music and turned on a song and hit the play button above the power button and it instantly started playing out of the speaker :)  The sound was clear and crisp, no interference at all.  Worked like a charm for me.  So you can check out my video review, I am posting the link below, it's pretty awesome!  I would give this a 5 star review because I had absolutely NO problems getting it going or working with it.  

 I am getting ready to move to a new place and it will be quite a bit bigger than my place now and since my computer is basically in the middle of the apartment right now I really had no need for a speaker.  But now I will be able to use this outside or wherever in my new place :)  This would be awesome for patio parties where you want some music - if I had to choose one thing that could be better it would be if it was more loud.  But I didn't try turning my tablet sound all the way up, so that might help.

So do you want to know what the cool surprise is????  Well ... when I turned on the speaker it gave me quite a start because it talks to you!!!  It says "powering on" or "powering off" and even tells you "paired" when your device is working with it.  And the power button will also turn from green to blue when it's paired.  So you can use this as a wireless bluetooth speaker or you can plug in the aux cable and use it that way.  And it's easy to charge as it uses a mini-USB cable to plug in.  I would recommend this to anyone looking for a nice bluetooth speaker - however if you are looking for a very compact speaker then this one might not be for you.  But it does work great.  Check it out on Amazon using the link above!

I received a free product to test - all opinions are honest and my own from personal experience with product.

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