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Thursday, September 15, 2016

Peppa Pig Girls' "Piggy Straps" Light-Up Sneakers

Peppa Pig Girls' "Piggy Straps" Light-Up Sneakers


***My Personal Review***

If you have a little girl who loves Peppa Pig, then she will love these shoes!  They are not only super cute but also light up when you step.  They have a nice solid rubber sole and seem to provide good support for their little feet.  These come in toddler sizes and the velcro straps are great because even though it's 2 straps, the vinyl Peppa Pig face closes both of them at once. 
Love the pink color and the flower design.  These are a nice weight shoe with a good thickness.  The one thing to think about is the light up feature - if buying them for school you might want to ask the teacher because lights can cause seizures in some kids.  But very cool for any kid!

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